Irkutsk city tour

& excursions to Baikal

We organize excursions to Lake Baikal in Irkutsk for those who came to town on business, and to explore the lake. Our guides speak English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and 7 more languages. We do not need to book a tour in advance - you can explore and discover the lake tomorrow!

Irkutsk city tour

Duration: 3 hours3 Stunde3 часа3小时

Route: IrkutskIrkutsk Иркутск伊尔库茨克

Price: from 20$von 20$от 600 Р20 美元起

Excursion to Baikal (Listvyanka settlement)

Duration: 6 hours6 Stunde6 часов6小时。参观的博物馆越多时间越长。

Route: Irkutsk – Listvyanka village – IrkutskIrkutsk – Listwjanka – IrkutskИркутск – пос. Листвянка – Иркутск 伊尔库茨克——里斯特维扬卡——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 60$$60от 800 Р60 美元起

Circum-Baikal Express excursion

Duration: 14 hours14 Stundeоколо 12 часов约12小时

Route: Irkutsk – Port Baikal – Circum-Baikal railway – Sludyanka – IrkutskIrkutsk - Hafen Baikal - Baikal Eisenbahn Strecke - IrkutskИркутск – порт Байкал – Кругобайкальская железная дорога – Иркутск伊尔库茨克——斯柳江卡——环贝加尔湖铁路——贝加尔港——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 94$von 94$ от 3500 Р94 美元起

Skiing on lake Baikal

Duration: 12 hours12 Stunde12 часов12小时

Route: Irkutsk – Baikalsk – Irkutsk ReisedИркутск – Байкальск – Иркутск伊尔库茨克——贝加尔斯克——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 150$von 150$от 4500 Р150 美元起



As many tourists who come to lake Baikal I’ve heard a lot about the Circum - Baikal Train. Of course when I came to the lake I’ve booked this excursion. I was really impressed by this railway and the beauty of the lake! Thank you.
Ana, Poland
The day was exceptional ! Specially big thanks to our guide, she has been perfect! No regrets to book this tour with you. Thank you so much.
Nath&Tim, France
I came to Irkutsk for a business trip and as I had free 3 hours. So I decided to explore the city. The first good impression was that the guide and driver came to the hotel during 1 hour. The excursion was very cognitive. The guide told me a lot of facts about the history of the city. Thank a lot for the tour.