Irkutsk city tour

Irkutsk is a large city in Eastern Siberia and the administrative center of Irkutsk region. It is situated on the bank of Angara river. Irkutsk is traditionally considered as the cultural capital of Eastern Siberia. The city has more than 80 cultural and art institutions, including theaters, museums, libraries, art centers, concert and exhibition halls. Irkutsk is a historical city with a large number of historically preserved neighborhoods. It has about 685 historical and cultural monuments, 108 of them are on the federal list of historical preservation.

The climate is continental, changeable and dry, with sharp fluctuations day-time and night-time temperatures. The average winter temperature is minus 22 degrees Celsius. The weather in February is characterized by lower winds. Autumn is long and warm. Spring starts in the end of March. Summer is hot, with frequent rains in the second half of the summer. The average daily temperature in July is 25 degrees Celsius, but it can easily reach 32-35 degrees Celsius on a hot day.

We invite you to discover the history of the city with us!

The program of the excursion:

• Historical city center, the location of Irkutsk fort building

• The “Eternal fire”

• Polish church. Spasskaya church. Epiphany cathedral

• Monument to the pioneers of the city

• Moscow Gates

• Kirov square. Linguistic University

• Monument to tourist

• Government of Irkutsk region

• The square of “Trud”. The first telegraph

• Irkutsk – historical architecture monument. The mansions of merchants

• The museum of the Decembrists. Monument to Decembrists wives.

• Znamensky convent. The place of Admiral Kolchak death, the monument of Admiral Kolchak

• Karl Marks street. Irkutsk Drama Theater

• “White house”. Irkutsk state university

• Walking on the embankment of Angara river. Monument to Alexander III.

• The historic quarter "Irkutsk Sloboda"

Visiting museums - by request.


Number of people in group 1 2 3-5 6-12 13-20 21-30 31-45
Price per person 133$ 87$ 46$ 33$ 27$ 23$ 20$

The price includes:

• transport service

• guide service

Should be paid extra:

• museum admission fee

• additional car rent – 16-54 $ per hour

• additional guide-translator services – 20 $ per hour

Testimonials about this excursion:

I came to Irkutsk for a business trip and as I had free 3 hours. So I decided to explore the city. The first good impression was that the guide and driver came to the hotel during 1 hour. The excursion was very cognitive. The guide told me a lot of facts about the history of the city. Thank a lot for the tour.


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Don't forget:
  • Money
  • Camera
  • Water

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