expedition "Following the outgoing ice – 2022"

Unique expedition to the Baikal Arctic!
Only once a year and only for 10 days!
Participants of the expedition, including scientists who study Baikal, will monitor the state of the lake during the off-season.

The main aim: to see and depict Baikal during the unique period.

Dear friends, you can read the 2022 expedition program by sending a request to info@baikalvisa.ru.

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Price: from $870

Route:Irkutsk - Listvyanka - Tankhoyanka - Peschanaya Bay - Small Sea - Baikal-Lensky Reserve - Ryty Cape - Kotelnikovsky Cape - Tompa - Davsha settlement - Chivyrkuisky Bay - Ushkanyi Islands - Olkhon Island - Small Sea (MRS)

Schedule of excursions:21.05.2022

Number of people in group:unlimited

Don't forget:

• Voucher

• Money

• Camera

• Swimming costume

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