Ust’-Orda Village excursion

The Buryat is one of the largest nationalities inhabiting Siberia. The Ust’-Ordinskiy region is famous for traditional Buryat culture which is handed down across the generations. On the territory of the SFO they live in the Republic of Buryatia, as well as in the Aginskiy (Baikal) and Ust-Orda (Irkutsk region) districts. Ust-Orda District is interesting because it is from generation to generation is protected by the traditional culture of the Buryat. The excursion will give you a chance to get acquainted with Buryat folklore, national games and shaman rites, as well as to taste the national dishes of Buryat cuisine.

The program of the excursion:

• Departure to Ust’-Orda , a Buryat village 70 km away from Irkutsk

• Visiting the ethnographic museum of Ust’-Orda to get acquainted with one of the most ancient Siberian people’s culture and customs

• Meeting a shaman. Purgation ceremony

• Lunch including dishes of Buryat cuisine

• Return to the hotel


Number of people in group 1 2 3-5 6-12 13-20 21-45
Price per person 330$ 190$ 145$ 105$ 85$ 75$

The price includes:

• transport (a passenger-car with a driver for 1-2 persons, a minibus with a driver for 3 and more persons, a bus with a driver for 13 or more persons)

• guide service

• meeting a shaman

• ticket to the ethnographic museum

• lunch

• photoshoot in buryat costum

Should be paid extra:

• services of Buryat folk ensemble

• excursion in horse-riding school

Testimonials about this excursion:

On summer during our way to Baikal we went to Ust-Ordynsky village. On entrance to the village we were impressed by a giant steel man on horseback. The horse’ legs were bandaged by colorful ribbons. Later we knew it means this place holiness. From the main road you could not understand the size of the village. In reality Ust-Ordynsky is very big village with rough and bumpy roads and interesting view thought the car window. We have visited national museum. The national Ust-Orda museum of buryat region displays history, culture, religion and life of buryats. Local people – burayts – are very nice and hospitable.  We had  lunch in the local restaurant, where  tasted  national buryat cuisine - buzza (big dumplings) and buhler (is a kind of very nourishing soup) . That was amazing, we had never tried something similar. In general our trip to Ust-Ordynsky village was unforgettable. Many thanks to the trip organizer, to the driver, to the guide. And, of course, to the local people. 

Olga Ivanova, Nizhny Novgorod

It was wonderful! We had a great excursion. So much fun. Dasha was an AMAZING guide. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and so friendly. We would HIGHLY recommend your company and Dasha. No flaws at all...a 10/10.

Neil, Singapore

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Price: from 75$

Route:Irkutsk – Ust’-Orda village – Irkutsk

Schedule of excursions:year-round

Number of people in group:unlimited

Don't forget:
  • Money
  • Camera
  • Water

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