The resort village “Arshan” is situated in the southern slope of the Tunkinskaya valley, surrounded by high-altitude mountains – the Sayan mountain range.

The health resort includes resort area, which contains natural therapeutic agents, devices and facilities for guest use; spa facilities and leisure culture catering. And also have trade and consumer services for people coming to the spa for treatment and rest.

The carbonated water of the health-resort “Arshan” is effective for curing diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, the nervous system, the gastro-intestinal tract and other parts of the body.  The word Arshan (from arasan, arashaan, arshan) means a mineral or warm spring. This term is widely used in Mongolia, China, Central Asia, the Altai region and Eastern Siberia. Its origin is attributed to the Sanskrit rashiani – nectar, drink of Gods.

The best activity you can find in Arshan is to walk around the hills. There's a river Kynryga, which goes far in the mountains, you can walk along this river, and that's what most of the people do. There are a few waterfalls along the way, and most people stop at the first waterfall and swim there, but if you walk about 20 minutes more you'll get to the place (along the river), where there are hardly any people. There are a few spots to camp also. It gets dark around 7 in the evening, so it's better to come back before that time.

Visit sight with excursion:

Excursion to Arshan and Baikalsk

Duration: 2 days/1 night2 Tage / 1 Nacht2 дня/1 ночь2天1夜

Route: Irkutsk – Baikalsk – Arshan – IrkutskIrkutsk - Baikalsk - Arschan - Irkutsk Irkutsk - Listvyanka - IrkutskИркутск - Байкальск - Аршан - Иркутск伊尔库茨克 ——贝加尔斯克——阿尔山——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 227$von 227$от 12800 Р227 美元起

Excirsion to Arshan

Duration: 10 hours10 Stunden10 часов10小时

Route: Irkutsk – Arshan village – IrkutskIrkutsk - Arschan - IrkutskИркутск – Аршан – Иркутск 伊尔库茨克——阿尔山——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 50$von 50$от 1500 Р50 美元起