Circum Baikal Railway

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday you can take a 1-day trip along the beautiful shore of Baikal Lake on a modern superior rail bus. The rout goes from Irkutsk to the Southern shore of the lake on an old railway built at the end of the 20th century.  It was a time when the Circum-Baikal railway was a part of the Great Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Due the construction of a new local energy plant, the road was partly submerged and eastward bound trains were directed to a back-up branch line. There is no other railroad in the world which has such a large number of man-made objects like this part of the Circum-Baikal railway. Tunnels, drainage systems, bridges, and retaining walls built a century ago have preserved over 85 km of the rail. All this against the backdrop of cliffs and headlands, rocks exposed during the construction of the road, and scenic river valleys.

Description of the stopover spots:

Slyudanka (166th km). The best place to meet up with the Circum Baikal Railway is the railway station of Slyudyanka. This is the only stone station building located in this calm small town on the Baikal shore. Made of white and pink marble, it is truly a work of art.

Staraya Angasolka (149th km). The most impressive objects of engineering and architecture starts from this area. The arched viaduct of stone “Angasolsky” is striking in its power and beauty.

The complex of artificial structures “Shabituysky” (130th km) – an iron bridge of the first way “riding on top” and two-span construction reinforced concrete viaduct arch type.    

The “Kirkireisky” complex (123rd km). A mysterious and delightful place. The builders had to work especially hard on this part of the railway. Due to frequent rockslide and the indomitable Kirkirey River, a new tunnel – №18-bis – had to be built during the second period of the development of the Circum-Baikal Railway near the old one №18.

A “Polovinny” complex (110th km). It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations on the CBR. There is the picturesque valley of the Polovinnaya River between Sea-gull Cliff and Cape Polovinny, through which the longest and the shortest tunnels pass.

The retaining wall “Italian” (102nd km). It is one of the most beautiful places in CBR. It got its name in honor of the arches, reminiscent of the architecture of Italy. An Italian architector Ferrari worked on the project of the wall. The gallery “Bolshaya Shumikhinskaya” is located on the same part of the railroad. It was built to protect the road from rock falls but it has not been used for a long time.


Visit sight with excursion:

Circum-Baikal Express excursion

Duration: 14 hours14 Stundeоколо 12 часов约12小时

Route: Irkutsk – Port Baikal – Circum-Baikal railway – Sludyanka – IrkutskIrkutsk - Hafen Baikal - Baikal Eisenbahn Strecke - IrkutskИркутск – порт Байкал – Кругобайкальская железная дорога – Иркутск伊尔库茨克——斯柳江卡——环贝加尔湖铁路——贝加尔港——伊尔库茨克

Price: 78$von 94$ от 3900 Р94 美元起