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Irkutsk is a city and the administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, and one of the largest cities in Siberia. It was founded in 1661. Nowadays Irkutsk is an industrial, trading, cultural and scientific center of Eastern Syberia. The population is 600 000 people. The city is of great interest for tourists as a historical city, which combines historical and modern buildings

The Eternal Fire. Irkutsk is one of the 21 cities in Russia, where the eternal fire monument still exists. The flame at the memorial complex was lit on May 9, 1975 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory. The memorial speech carved on the marble slabs of the monument reads: "You fought for the victory with the whole nation, Siberia." Every year, high school students are chosen to be part of the honor guard for the flame. You can always see fresh flowers at the monument.

Polish church. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary - Catholic Church in the city of Irkutsk. The church is located in the historical center of the city. Due to the fact that the temple was constructed by the Polish community, it has also become known as the Polish Catholic Church. It is an architectural monument of federal significance. In Poland, the church added to the list of so-called Polish cultural heritage. Currently, the church is also used as the second concert hall of Irkutsk Philharmonic.

Spasskaya church. Church of the Holy Savior's Image is a second stone building in Irkutsk, located in the historic center of the city. The first building of the church was made of wood. It was built in 1672 and located in the center of Irkutsk fortress. After the October Revolution, the church was closed, but the building survived. In 1970-1980 it was renovated. Since 1982 the Exposition Department of the Irkutsk Regional Museum is located in the building of the church.

Epiphany cathedral. Epiphany Cathedral was the first wooden church built by the locals. Unfortunately, in 1716  it was destroyed in a large fire. The stone church was laid as early as 1718. It was the Holy Trinity Cathedral that had a powerful influence on the development of Siberian architecture and became the prototype of the Epiphany Cathedral. Its decor is a noticeable mixture of ancient motifs, Ukrainian ornaments , elements of Buddhist art. Later this style of art has become known as Siberian baroque. Before the consecration in 1894 of the Kazan Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Epiphany was the main temple of Irkutsk. This is where people gathered for both holidays and days of a disaster.

Monument to the pioneers of Irkutsk. The monument was erected for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk. It is the second largest monument in the city, after the monument to Alexander III. The collective image of the pioneer is located in Lower Quay Street touchline, so that if you look at it from the street of Suha Bator and from Gagarin Boulevard, it would seem as if the pioneer is making the first move from the water front side. The conqueror of Siberia is saying goodbye to the past, casting a last glance at the river, and at the same time assesses future work on laying the future of the city.

Moscow gates . Moscow gates , combining the styles of the Renaissance and the Roman Empire , were built in 1813 in Irkutsk in honor of the accession of Alexander I. The gates were 19 meters height and 16.5 meters width. After 5 years of field construction was necessary to reconstruct the monument , which required a significant amount. May 13, 1911, it was decided to demolish the monument , which caused a series of resentments and community leaders and citizens. After a series of letters to the architects , the Duma voted for the preservation of the monument and the allocation for the restoration of 6,000 rubles. However, there were no funds available , the timing of the restoration signals , and by 1928 the gates were pulled down and dilapidated . By the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk gate , it was decided to restore. The gates were opened September 14, 2011 .

Kirov square. This is the central area of the city. Around the square are the building of the Central Bank , the City of Irkutsk Linguistic University, Irkutsk Region Administration , the hotel " Angara" . The area has a rich history of more than 300 years. It arose immediately behind the south wall of the Irkutsk Kremlin in 1670  and , accordingly, called Kremlin . The area was swampy , that gradually drained . After this area almost immediately became the center of trade fairs and entertainment for residents and visitors of Irkutsk. It sold furs , timber and tea products purchased overseas , travelers staying for a halt and were filled with a path expedition. At the end of the XVIII century citadel was demolished and the area gets the name Gostinodvorskaya , and later - Tikhvin - at the church, which stood on its southern side.

Museum of the Decembrists. Among the many glorious pages in the history of Irkutsk, a special place is a 30 -year-old link to the Decembrists. This city has become a place of persecution and strong oversight , an arena of social activity and an "oasis of friendly sympathy ", and for some - final resting place . Released 14 December 1825 on the Senate Square in St. Petersburg, the young officers demanded radical reconstruction of the country. The revolt was suppressed, and the Decembrists imposed harsh sentence. In Siberia, the fate of the "political criminals" was related to the provincial city of Irkutsk.

Znamensky convent. Znamenskii convent was founded in 1693. Nowadays it is honored necropolis. Here are buried : Shelihov - one of the first researchers Kuril Islands and Alaska , Trubetskaya (1800-1854) - nee Countess Laval , the first of the wives of the Decembrists, voluntarily followed the exiles husband. For the opportunity to be with her husband Trubetskaya relinquished all of their civil rights , wealth and social status. Near the monument to Princess Troubetzkaya placed rectangular stone - a monument on the site of the burial of her children. Currently, the monastery revived . It is a Sunday school, a library , and holds weekly church-historical reading.

Irkutsk Drama Theater. Irkutsk Academic Drama Theatre of Ohlopkov is the oldest theatre in Irkutsk. At the scene of Irkutsk were celebrated masters of Russian theater - Karamazov, Savina , Varlamov , Dolmatov, Komissarzhevskaia , then Yablochkina , Ugine , Gogoleva and others. Irkutsk in 80- 90s of the last century was considered a major theatrical city , placing high demands on performers. "Today's News" wrote in 1884 that "the Irkutsk Theatre - one of the best provincial temples Melpomene , where strict public, requiring a good repertoire and good performers ."

White House . This three-story mansion, built in 1804 in the style of Russian classicism. Later the house was purchased for the residence of the Governor - General of Eastern Siberia. Since 1939 the research library of the university.

Monument to Alexander III. This monument was erected in 1908 in honor of the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. On the side of the pedestal : conqueror of Siberia Yermak and governors-generals Speranskyi and Muraviev , on the fourth side - the two-headed eagle holding in its beak a decree on the start of construction of Trans-Siberian Railway .

The historical quarter “Irkutsk Sloboda”. In 1970, Irkutsk included among the protected Russian cities with the preservation of historic buildings and layout. In 1997, the World Monuments Fund for Saving the Irkutsk included in the list of cities , the priority for restoration of the historic center. As a result, reconstructed 130 quarter - Irkutsk settlement - a zone of historic buildings , the creation of a new urban area on the basis of the existing architecture - historical heritage. Sloboda takes over the functions of the cultural , historical, tourist mecca of Irkutsk, is a favorite place of leisure for residents and visitors. Walking on the settlement can be called " promenade in the old town ."

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