Listvyanka settlement

Listvaynka is the most popular place on lake Baikal. It is 1 hour driving form Irkutsk and for many tourists the acquaintance with the lake stars form this place. Listvyanka also combines history and modernity: at the first blush it is a modern town with a lot of hotels and hostels, developing infrastructure, but when you go further you will find a great nature, immense lake and mountains.

The Baikal Museum. The Baikal Museum is one of the three existing lake museums in the world and the only one in Russia. It is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, near the source of the Angara River, attracting the attention of all travelling to Siberia and the Baikal. The Baikal Museum is on the list of «All Russian Tourist Routes». The museum created by a large team of scientists studying lake Baikal shows a balanced ecological system of a large repository of fresh water on Earth. The originality of the collections, the long series of observations the nature of  the lake, the high show of culture makes museum the original and the most visited in the area. Basic scientific task of the museum is to collect, store and monographic collection descriptions Baikal aquatic organisms. Special importance is the systematization and conservation gene pool of Baikal endemic flora and fauna. During its existence the museum has collected 17 collections containing more than 16 thousand units of storage.

St. Nicholas Church. Church of St. Nicholas was built by Russian merchant Xenophon Serebryakov. Legend says that he nearly drowned in a storm on Lake Baikal, and decided to build a church in honor of Nicholas, the patron saint and protector of seafarers and fishermen. Building of the church started in 1846 the village «Nicola» on the Angara shore and was completed after the death of his wife Natalie Serebriakova. Twice the church was transferred, first to the shore of Lake Baikal in Listvyanka, and then, in 1957 - 500 meters from the shore in to the Crestovaya Pad. This was done over the rising of the water level in the lake in connection with construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station. Now the church is located 500m from Lake Baikal in the Krestovaya pad village. Wooden church with a bell consists of two tiers, such design in wooden architecture was called "octagon at the quadrangle." In the late 50's the church building was renovated again and staffed with icons from other temples of Irkutsk.

Nerpinary. Nerpa is a living symbol of Baikal, one of the most beautiful of its inhabitants, and the only kind of mammals living in the lake. It is still unknown how nerpa got into Baikal. Probably at the ice age nerpa entered the lake by the river system Yenisei - Angara. Nerpa occupies practically entire area of the lake, but in the northern part of Lake Baikal it more common than in south. The main nerpa haulout is Ushkany Island. On this Island there are many of feed, comfortable stones and the most important fact - there are almost no people. Total number of the seal population today is less 100,000, and it reduces every year because of hunting - licensed and poaching, as well as from chemical pollution of the lake. Nerpa has no natural enemies except people. It is difficult to see nerpa in the natural environment because of their secrecy and timidity, but you always have a chance to watch nerpa ​​in nerpinary. Baikal nerpa respond to be trained harder than other kinds of seals. Nerpas are autonomous and independent, they don’t live in flock and they don’t have regular partners. In the Baikal region there are three nerpinary - in Irkutsk, Listvyanka and at seasonal (summer) Sahyurta nerpinary. In Listvyanka there is the largest and the newest nerpinary. You can see first in the world show of trained nerpa there. They sing, dance, play with a ball and count. Baikal nerpa is very talented and even know how to draw: you can see it with your own eyes, and become the owner of picture painted by nerpa.

«Chersky Stone» - mountain peak at the village Listvyanka in the Irkutsk region. The height of the top reaches 728.4 m. The mountain is named in honor of Ivan Dementievich Cherskyi - geographer who has made a significant contribution to the study of Siberia. Near the top there is a sightseeing platform, from which the source of Angara River, Port Baikal are visible.

Visit sight with excursion:

Excursion to Baikal (Listvyanka settlement)

Duration: 6 hours6 Stunde6 часов6小时。参观的博物馆越多时间越长。

Route: Irkutsk – Listvyanka village – IrkutskIrkutsk – Listwjanka – IrkutskИркутск – пос. Листвянка – Иркутск 伊尔库茨克——里斯特维扬卡——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 60$$60от 1500 Р60 美元起