The wooden architecture museum “Taltsy” is a branch of the Irkutsk State Museum. The museum is located in the village on the shore of the Angara River, 20 kilometers north of its source and 47 kilometers south of Irkutsk. The museum is 67 hectares. Founded in 1969, it accepted the first visitors in 1980. The basis of the museum is wooden construction of small towns and villages of the Irkutsk region, caught in a flood zone during the construction of the cascade hydroelectric power station on the Angara River in the second half of the XX century. Previously, the museum was located on the site of a large village Taltsy in which even been present industry (glass factory, and later moved to Toulon), but during the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station and reservoir formation of the basic part of the village was flooded. Nowadays, the museum has more than 40 monuments and more than 8,000 exhibits telling us about life in Siberian villages of XVII-XIX centuries. In the museum remodeled southern wall of wooden stockade Ilim, includes a large driveway Spassky tower (built in 1667) and Kazan Church (built in 1697), transported from the flooded Ilimsk.