Ust-Orda village

The village Ust - Orda is 70 km from Irkutsk. It is an administrative and cultural center. On the entrance to the village there is a monumental sculpture of a Buryat horseman.

The excursion to Ust Orda let you see a Buryat village, know the way of life of the locals. You will be able to visit the Local Museum of Regional Studies (opened in 1944) where you will learn about the origin of Buryat people, their culture, world outlook, religion. The exhibits of the museum have no counterparts, they always attract tourists from different countries. These are objects of shaman cult, ancient coins, bride’s decorations and many other things.

Also during the excursion you will have an opportunity to taste Buryat special dish – pozi (made with dough and meat).

Visit sight with excursion:

Ust’-Orda Village excursion

Duration: 6 hours5 Stunden 5 часов5小时

Route: Irkutsk – Ust’-Orda village – IrkutskIrkutsk - Dorf Ust-Orda - IrkutskИркутск – поселок Усть-Ордынский – Иркутск 伊尔库茨克——乌斯季奥尔蒂恩斯科镇(俗称乌斯季奥尔达)——伊尔库茨克

Price: from 75$von 75$от 2200 Р60~75 美元